Hassaan's Artwork

Check out some of my previous pieces of artwork which I still have in relatively good condition.

Opposing Brands

A colour pencil drawing with 2 vanishing points. Created to fully exploit the power of opposite colours in art.

Tasty Grapes

A pastel drawing of a zoomed in graoe wine. Created using a variety of different smudging and shading techniques.

Hands Pyramid

A 'hand' sketched drawing created using a single pencil. Drew anatomically correct hands and fingers to represent natural objects.

Mystery Girl

A dot drawing created using a fine tip black marker. Simple dots are used to create different shades of black and white while maintaining all of the face's features.

3D Perspective

A colour pencil drawing with 3 vanishing points. Almost all object are constructed from cubes to help strengthen the illusion.

Relaxing in the Shade

A freehand sketch of a farmer with a straw hat relaxing.

Lost Handle

A chalk drawing made using only black and white chalk. The subject of this piece of art is a zipper handle.