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R2D2 - Current TronBot.com Mascot Hello,
and welcome to TronBot.com, which is suppose to be a short form of Mechatronic Robot as this site is created by ME, a graduate from the University of Waterloo's Mechatronics Engineering program. This website is a side project being worked on during my free time, but I am always adding new features, and content is always being updated.

Currently, I have my old websites from high school for you to browse and enjoy. I also have a few web apps that I have created to for you to use too!

Note: Currently ALL of the ASP pages in my high school websites won't work as this site is being hosted in a Linux server so currently I am in the process of converting all of them over to PHP.

Now if you are bored from reading all that then enjoy this Tic-Tac-Toe game that I created in Grade 11 as my "year-end" project in Mr.Mazer's Computer Programming class.

Enjoy These Great HD Wallpapers From My Personal Collection

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